Sea and Botany

Naviguer pour découvrir les plantes !

Sailing to discover the plants is an amazing program! We have on board a biologist, doctor in ethnobotany, at your disposal to take you on indoor hikes or coastal walks in order to make you discover the Cape Verdean plants and trees. Of course, Cape Verde is a globally dry archipelago, but with local climatic conditions that have allowed very particular vegetations to develop there. Also an opportunity to discover incredible scenery.

Please note that our guide is included in this service. Moreover, it seems important to us to let you enjoy the local tables, and at the same time discover the villages of our stopovers. This is why lunch and dinner meals are not included in the service. If our stopover does not allow us to find a table or if you prefer to stay on board for a meal, we usually share errands and kitchen chores, and eat all together.

In summary

A cruise for hikers and lovers of plants. This trip involves a full day crossing between the island of San Nicolau and the island of San Antao.
DURATION: Between one week and 10 days
NUMBER OF PERSONS: 2 to 3 maximum
PRICE: from 460€/day